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App review set up for buds. [Oct. 3rd, 2011|03:41 am]
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player information
Name: Trisha
LJ: noroki_girl
Age: 26
Contact: AIM: trishamagictits Plurk: Noroki E-mail: norokigirl@gmail.com (preferably Aim or e-mail)
Current character(s): N/A

character information
Name: Vris(ka) Serket
Age: equivalent of 13
Canon: MSPA: Homestuck
Timeline: Right after obtaining god-tier

Suitability: Given that he is alien, his maturity level can be questionable, as they age in solar sweeps which leads to a calculus equation that leads to 'a little over 2 Earth years, and I'm 6, which is around 13 to you strange pink aliens I've just met' and they're sort of odd in their own sense. He's seen people die and killed things with his hands and actually died once himself, though it was 'for a game' or something, so I'm pretty sure sex is a downgrade in handling extreme ideas of a mature nature. This brain is rated M for Mature. Aging up physically is a definite "yes, please, make him sexier" and a there's clearly a need to mentally mature him to prevent the juvenile "you said penis" that may be inevitable to a being that isn't used to the concept of sex, but then again, that may just be an 'average male' thing. And a sex ed course might be deemed necessary, because trolls pretty much do inappropriate things with buckets.

History: The canon history for Vriska. Vris is a genderswap, so that's an obvious part, but two crucial events are changed in his history. He's not quite as harsh as canon Vriska. He does attempt to get his version of Tavros to toughen up by summoning FLARP enemies, but doesn't actually throw her off the cliff, stopping because "She's just too pathetic to bother with." Despite not being thrown off the cliff, Tavros does call for help from Aradia and Terezi, leading to the events that lead Vris to attempt to blind Terezi, but gives up trying to as he views it's not worth it in the long run. This gives him the advantage of holding it over Terezi's head in his universe, as he did loose and arm and get blinded in his own universe. This didn't change much else in the history, aside from teasing Tavros about stairs. He just continues to tease her about being too weak and pathetic for some time, as the Tavros he knows was not paralyzed.
Terezi, however, was blinded in future, un-Vriska-related events. Hence while he might refer to a blind Terezi.

Personality: By now, the best conclusion to draw here is HUGE DICK. And he can be one. He's fond of manipulating people for personal gain. He will claim to help you, and sort of does in his own Vris roundabout way, but there's always something in it for him. There is nothing he does without getting something. Nothing. It's probably best not to assume he's had a sudden change of heart, because he's not above acting like a reformed citizen of society to achieve some arbitrary goal. He is not out to legitimately help you out of the goodness of his heart.

This is pretty much how he spends his time. Manipulating, figuring out how to better manipulate, being jealous of Terezi's ability to manipulate without needing mind control...he could pretty much write Manipulating Others 101: How to Get Things Without Getting Your Hands Dirty. His universe's Tavros is a perfect example of how he can be pushy to get his means, but can lead to being unsuccessful, as she ended up calling on help from her friends to get vengeance.

He only recently, VERY RECENTLY, showed signs of being not-so-dickish and more like a personable, identifiable character. He sincerely befriended his version of Tavros and Terezi in a form of remorse for his former behavior, which is pretty much a reason to have a heart attack and die. This isn't exactly without personal reasons, such as befriendly Terezi leads to a manipulation double whammy, and Tavros is just un-hateable. By anyone. Except heartless space dogs.

The summary? He really does have a heart. You just had to dig through the dick to get there. Good luck with that if you're a troll.

He still isn't above regression into vengeance and manipulation, so try not to anger him. This spider has some nasty venom. This is not a terrible pun, nor is it stupid. Stop laughing at the lame.

Powers & Abilities: He has fairy wings that are functional, but he usually just prefers walking. He does like to fly to taunt the flightless, though, so he should probably be contained. Or set up a giant fly trap. His biggest ability is luck. He has eight eight-sided dice that can bring about different events/outcomes depending on the roll. And the effect is usually situation appropropriate. The higher the number, the better the effect, such as a roll of 8 8s to cause a giant guillotine to decapitate his suffering lusus. In all of canon, he's only used it twice, so it's an 'only when necessary' thing. Mostly because it's probably a waste of time, or just not worth the effort with so many fresh manipulation targets.

Is there anything from your character's home that you would like to exist here? I can only think of requesting he keep his Flourite Octet (the dice). Nothing else I can think of initially, but if my brain's anything to go by, the 'meet the bots' page is going to turn into a varitable Vris shopping list of "needs".

posting samples
Third-Person Sample:

The worst part of this pod thing wasn't the sudden cramped space, or the fact that his wings made it even more so and were stabbing him in the eye, however possible that was. It was the fact that he was even here to begin with. How the hell did he let his guard down enough to end up here? He was better than to be caught like this. Or he thought so. Obviously not, because here he was. Cramped with crinkled wings and a disgruntled glare at the glass. Yes, glass. You're to blame for this. How dare you exist and impede his obvious deserved freedom. This glare is going to melt you and free him. Laser vision would be so cool right now. Or Sollux. Where was she when you really needed her?

The strange appearance threw him for a loop. It was way too white and not enough devoid-of-all-life to be the same hurling-endlessly-through-space asteroid he thought he'd been on. Maybe he was dead. For real dead. Not that awesome "You are now incredibly awesome." dead he'd been before. And still technically was. Most likely not, but when you're cramped and angry, crazy things tend to happen. Like willing the aforementioned laser vision unsuccessfully into existance.

He was pretty much about to start the desperately violent act of pushing really hard on the glass in an obviously not futile attempt and sweet, sweet freedom, before he heard an odd voice referring to him. His hope that the statement "You're free to go because you're dreaming." was quickly dashed when the voice actually came into focus in his ears. The fact that trolls don't dream was only a secondary thought. Unless this was a nightmare, which held a very high viability on the truth scale right now, he was clearly in for an interesting lifestyle change. Oh, yes, this was definitely going to be a fantastic, fun-filled day of happy. It had already started out so fantastic.

First-Person Sample:

As much fun as this is turning out to 8e, I really hope this is incredi8ly temporary 8ecause I have waaaaaaaay 8etter things to 8e doing with my time. What are the chances of me knowing anyone here?

If not, that's ok8y. I can m8ke due. It's 8etter than 8eing on a giant flying rock, that's for sure.

How many people exactly can see this? I'm m8king no effort in m8king this priv8, so speak up. I'm 8ored and I'd appreci8 not 8eing ignored here.
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This journal is all about apps now, apparently. :|a [Feb. 15th, 2011|05:36 pm]
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